Monday, June 17, 2013

Cub Camp - Day 1

I got to spend the day with my boys at Cub Scout Camp today. The weather was nice and they planned most of the activities in places where there was plenty of shade. The boys had so much fun with their friends. The entire den that my boys were a part of were kids from scouts they already knew so it was really fun for these friends to all get to hang out together.

They did handicrafts. Pounding letters and shapes into leather is fun!

 Making little bottle cap boats was next. 

 But getting to sail them down rain gutters full of water was totally fun!

 The men at the gun club took their role as archery instructors very seriously. 
 They boys were taught all about their compound bows, the arrows and how to hit a target. 

But the instruction about bb guns was especially strict. The boys went through drills with their guns before getting to shoot. Their instructor was quite a drill sergent. But the boys all seemed to respond well. I could tell some of the scouts there had never held a gun in their hands before and were a bit afraid. My boys, who have gone to the gun club with Grandpa a few times, seemed to do just fine and even hit their targets a number of times.

During the rest of the week they will get to put in some more practice with the bow and with guns. They have a trip to the gun club for practice scheduled into each days activities.

I didn't get any pictures during their hike. I was too busy avoiding poison oak. And I didn't get pictures of some of den activities like when they choose their name, made their flag, learned how to carry out a flag ceremony or review some basic scouting things. These were less exciting things to photograph. But they were still part of this long busy day in the woods for these boys.

The day was long and full and we rushed about from one activity to another but the boys still had plenty of time to just climb trees and be with their friends.

Ian and Henry can't wait until tomorrow when they get to do it all over again. And guess who else will be going again too :)

It is a bit of a break for me to only have to deal with 8 and 9 year old boys for a change. I left Molly and Sophie at home with my sick husband.  I guess they watched a few movies, played a little on the computer and had a lovely animal vet game going while we were away at camp.

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