Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Once upon a Prince - Review

I read a lot of princess stories. Molly is always asking me to find and read princess stories to her. So I am very well versed in all the fairy tales and many newer retellings of fairy tales.  You would think I would be tired of them but I find I have even started reading princess books on my own when I have free pleasure reading time as well. I pick up retellings of famous fairy tales quite often. And I always enjoy seeing how some authors take one of the princess story lines and make it fit modern times. It is also fun to read stories about regular girls that meet a real life prince and he makes her his princess.

I just finished one of these types of fairy tale like romances called Once Upon a Prince. It is the story of a "girl next door" who meets a prince from a tiny little European kingdom. She falls for him not knowing he is a prince. He likes being loved for himself and not it title. It is a pretty well worn out plot but still fun to visit for a light romantic pleasure read.

This story however didn't totally work for me. Their attachment happens so quickly and isn't explored very thoroughly so it is hard to believe it can last when they only know each other for a few weeks and then they are separate for months. It was just a little too much of a stretch to believe she could go from being dumped by her boyfriend of 12 years and immediately become smitten with another guy even if he is a prince. Then after only knowing him for 2 weeks and no romance just friendship, travel across the world to his kingdom and feel comfortable in his world.

This is a christian romance so there are some religious references but I felt like they were a bit forced and didn't quite fit into the flow of the story.

There wasn't anything glaringly wrong with the book. I would just say it was a nice, light, clean, sweet story.

I received this book free via Book Sneeze with the intent to read it and write my opinion.

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