Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cub Camp - Day 2

I got to help at Cub camp again on Tuesday. It looks really sunny in the pictures but it actually was rather chilly. It was only about 68 degrees and the constant breeze made it cold in the shade. It was a lovely day to spend outdoors.

The boys started with a game of kick ball. 

 It is always sort of funny for me to watch my boys try to play games like this. Since they don't go to school they don't play these types of games very often. Neither of them was all that excited about the game or very good at it. But they did make it around the bases and scored a few points for their team.

Scout Skills class was all about knots. They had ropes of all sorts for the boys to practice on.
 They all started by tying their shoes and then moved onto square knots.
 Ian is a pro at tying knots so he often was asked to show other kids how to do them.
 They whipped the ends as well.

 I didn't get pictures of the boys at the archery or bb gun ranges. I actually got to shoot too. Our den is rather small so there were some extra guns. They invited the moms to give it a try. I did very well even though I haven't ever shot a bb gun before and it has been years and years since I have shot anything more than a nerf gun. The boys love this activity.  It is what they talk about most when in the car driving to and from camp.  Good thing they will get to shoot every day this week!

They had another knot tying activity in their handicrafts class. They made lanyard keychains and were given a whistle to put on one end. This isn't a picture of the one they made but this is what the knots looked like when they were done.

I was busy showing boys how to tie the knots to make the pattern. I forgot about taking pictures.

The last class of the day was nature. And rather than take another hike the boys got to dissect owl pellets. I was surprised at how squeamish the boys were at first. They covered their noses and mouths with their neck kerchiefs and wouldn't touch the pellets with anything but the tooth picks and tweezers.

 Ian has done this before when he took a science lab class so he jumped right in and soon had bones he was identifying.

 Pretty soon all the boys were digging out the pieces of rodent and separating the fur.

Considering this was the end of the day, I was a bit shocked at how focused they were and how long they stayed on task with this project.

Once they had the closing flag ceremony we were headed home after another long day at cub camp. 

Each of the boys parents were supposed to volunteer for two days at camp. I went up on Monday and Tuesday. When my boys headed off to camp today with another of the moms from our group I was a relieved that I wouldn't have to spend the day in the sun, wind and dirt but part of me knew I would miss hanging out with these fun 8 and 9 year olds.

I am sure the boys had another great day at camp today. I am sure they will be full of stories to share when they get home later today.

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