Friday, May 31, 2013

Accio Smoothie

I have seen this graphic a number of places on the web. I am happy that my kids do look more like those "kids on books" than that group up on top. This was confirmed even more strongly today at breakfast when Molly, who is almost 4, picked up her spoon and pointed it across the table at one of glasses of green liquid and said "Accio Smoothie" while giving the spoon a little flick.

Then there is Ian who is constantly wearing his Harry Potter robe and even made a loop (out of duck tape) on a rope to hang at his waist so has a place to stash his wand.

Henry likes all the unforgivable spells, so I have to remind him constantly that we don't do dark magic. It doesn't help that Molly is always Bellatrix. At least her killing curse is just "abracadabra" instead of "Avada Kedavra".

We have been rather Harry Potter crazed at our house. We finally finished listening to the last book. Henry was taking too long to make it through the books so I relented and let him listen to the last few.  I have also relaxed my PG-13 rule as well but only for these few films since they have read the books now. I am letting the kids watch the movie once they finish the book. (This may be a mistake and they may not get to see these last few films again for years and years.) We spent a good 4 hours doing nothing but listen to the audio book but thankfully we are finally done. We have only the last movie to watch and then hopefully we can move onto some other book, some other characters, and some other stories.

Ian has been reading the Hobbit so I have heard him refer to some of his lego creations as "precious" when he saves them from the hands of his little sister. So I have a feeling I know where we are heading next. Now that Harry Potter is finished (They have even beat the Lego Harry Potter Wii game for years 5-7) I think we are going to be headed to the world of Hobbits and dwarfs. But perhaps we need something very light like Winnie the Pooh, or maybe this summer I will introduce my boys to the world of The Borrowers. I read these aloud to Sophie years ago and have yet to read them to the boys.

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Desiree said...

My oldest wants to go on a train ride just so she can wear her robe, and pretend she's off to Hogwarts. She sounds a lot like your crew!