Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When Boys take Pictures

My boys love to get their hands on the camera. They think it is so fun to snap pictures of everything around them. There is something exciting about pushing the button and then seeing the picture come up on the back. A lot of the time when they do this they just take pictures with no thought except to press the button. We get lots of pictures of their feet or the wall or some random thing. They are often fuzzy, crooked, or blurry.

I have been telling Henry that if he wants to take pictures he needs to take them of people. So this time he decided to Molly would be his subject.

Molly has no trouble being  the model. When the camera comes out she knows what to do. The only problem is after a few shots she wants to take a few too. That camera must sure look fun.

The pictures Henry takes are fun because they are from his perspective and of what he finds interesting.
opps! Too Close.

I showed him how to use the zoom the other day. He must have been experimenting.
This is better.

So when is it my turn?

Ian took the camera next and took about twenty shots of this.

Ian is always proud of his creations and wants pictures of them. But I don't know if I need quite so many of the same creature.
A little closer.
A slightly different angle.

Wait.... what about me?!

That's better!

Yes, the boys do have fun with the camera. 

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Bibliophile said...

Sometimes inexperience means that the photos are more interesting. The kids took some good ones!