Thursday, June 3, 2010

City Slickers

This weekend my kids spent a lot of time playing with their cousins. The cousins live up in the foothills while we live in the city.   We don't have much of a yard to play in. We have a driveway to ride bikes, and scooters or skateboard on. It is a little limited.  So we go to the park a lot and play or take hikes in beautiful preserves. My kids love to get dirty. They love to climb trees and pick flowers. They often lead their friends away from the playground to find more fun among the bushes and branches of the nature around them. I felt like they were pretty adventurous until I saw this. 

I know it looks just like a tall pine tree. But look a little closer and you will see about 4 of 5 kids climbing up to the very top.

I admit I was wide eyed at first as I saw my kids 3 stories up at the top of this tree. I watched as it swayed a bit in the breeze and because of their weight.  I did a little quick pondering and decided it was alright. The tree has so many branches that even if they lost footing or a branch broke they wouldn't fall far.  
I was assured by the cousins that they climb this tree all the time. I went inside and left my kids to enjoy the tree. I asked my Sister-in-law if her heart skipped a beat the first time she saw them climb that tree (they moved into this house only a year and a half or so ago) and she said "no". She explained that they have been climbing trees at their old house too and it was just one of the things they do outside.  I am sure she thought I was silly for worrying about such a little thing. 

I grew up in this area of the world. I wasn't a city slicker until later. But evidently I wasn't quite as adventurous as my nieces and nephew. My kids didn't seem to show any fear of joining the other kids on the climb. They all thought it was great fun!

As much as I want to keep my kids safe I also don't want to remove some of the adventure that life can give them.  I am glad they have opportunities to explore and enjoy nature in less manicured areas. The parks in the city are all pruned and trimmed so that kids can't climb trees. It frustrates my little guys. They love it when they do find a tree they can climb.

I am so glad we get to go up to visit our family and leave the city behind so often.


Karen Flake Smith said...

I don't know what you are talking about. We used to build tree houses all the time when we were little! :)

The Henry's said...

Oh man, my heart skipped a beat and my hhands got sweaty just looking at those pictures! You're a better mom than me, I would have ruined all the fun I'm sure! Oh the things I have to look forward to as J gets bigger!

Lords of the Manor said...

The worst thing about climbing a tree like that is coming home with sap in your hair.