Sunday, June 27, 2010

We don't do this often, Thank goodness!

The kids were taken on a rare outing. Yesterday their Dad took the three oldest kids to a movie. This is not something we do very often. It is so expensive to go to movies. For the price they paid for their 4 tickets we could have paid for our Netflix for 3 months. Usually we just wait until a movie comes out on DVD. But I thought they should go see this one. They did more than just watch the movie they went to see it in 3D.  I stayed home with a sad, sick, cranky baby.

When they got home they told me all about it. They actually didn't like the 3D aspect of the film. The glasses were uncomfortable. My husband said he could tell the movie was shot with the 3D in mind so I am glad they saw it that way.

As for the story.... my kids said there were scary parts. But they have always thought Zurg in Toy Story 2 was scary too. I guess there is a scene with the toys almost being burned in a fire and my kids didn't handle that too well. They also said there was a bad monkey that clapped his hands and made the other kids do things. But overall they liked the movie. My husband said he still likes Toy Story 2 better but it was a good ending to the story. If of course it is indeed the end. I guess the toys now have a new home so who knows if there will be another sequel.  I guess as long as families keep taking their kids to the movies and buying the toys they will keep making the movies.

So I guess the movie is good. They are still talking about it a day later. Everyone that I know who has seen it has loved it.  I will wait to see it on DVD. It won't be 3D but I am sure it will still be fun. I am told the animation is amazing!

I don't know if we will be doing another movie anytime soon. Maybe just the 1$ Summer morning movies and that is it. The price of tickets to see a movie is outrageous. Or maybe I am just cheep.

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Bibliophile said...

Hey! All of us went to see "Toy Story 3" on Saturday. We didn't see it in 3-D, and it was still good. I didn't like the monkey or the burning trash bin, either, but the toys escaped that, thank goodness. The end was rather emotional for parents, though. You will enjoy it when the time comes.