Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cruise Ship - Swimming

On top of all the other things we did on the boat. We also did quite a bit of swimming. The weather was a bit cold so the big pool was a little too chilly for most of us. The hot tubs were crowded as a result.

The ship had a nice water slide that some of the kids were willing to try. My kids were hesitant about it so just watched their cousins go down over and over again.

Ian did get into the big pool and swim around a little while. He didn't like that it was filled with salt water so quickly returned to the hot tubs.

Not much else to say. The pictures show the kids having a great time. The parents mostly just hung out and made sure they didn't slip or get too rowdy and start splashing the other people in the tub.

It was just an opportunity for all of us to sit and enjoy the sun.

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