Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Hard Part of Parenthood

There are many aspects of parenthood that are difficult. I can't say I enjoy wiping bottoms, cleaning up after a child gets sick in the car, being woken up 3 or more times in the night by the baby, shopping with 4 kids in toe, and all the other really "lovely" parts of being a Mom. The thing I find the most difficult to deal with at times is the noise.

Noise seems like such a small thing but it really drives me batty some days. There are times I just don't know if I can handle listening to yet another tantrum because I had asked a child to do something they don't want to do. I get so irritated when I have to listen to one child cry and tattle about what one of the others had done to him. And I admit I get really tired of listening to the constant chatter about imaginary characters or animals that they love to tell me about.

Yesterday my kids discovered a new game. They break out our child's atlas that has pictures all over the continents with the natural resources and things you can find in those areas. All three kids will choose a place to start and then they all start yelling their paths through the continent while they pick up as many resources they can. I love that they are being creative and making up fun games out of nothing but a book of maps....but... my goodness it was loud! And there was a whole lot of fighting as they tried to figure out who won on each page. I tried really hard to let them play and figure things out themselves. I even left the room so I wouldn't hear it quite as well. But I could tell the noise was really starting to drive me crazy. Eventually I went in and put them to work doing something else and I picked up the book from where they left it and stuck it up high on the tall bookshelf so they wouldn't pick it up again once they were done.
It probably doesn't help that Molly seems to think she has to be in sight of me or has to be held at all times . If I even leave a room she starts crying and following me. If I put her down and she doesn't want to be down she lets me know it. My goodness can this girl screech! It is the type of shriek that just sends chills through my body.

I can now understand Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice when she talks about her "poor nerves".  Mine feel pretty frayed by the end of each day.

I know this is my problem. I own this one. I can't blame them that I just have trouble dealing with their noise.  It isn't something they are doing wrong.  They are just being kids and doing what kids do. I just don't know how to cope with the clamour these kids generate some days.

Most of the time when it just starts to get too tumultuous I send them all outside. They can go bother the neighbors for awhile.

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