Monday, June 21, 2010

Cruise ship - Food

Everyone knows that when you go on a cruise that there is going to be a lot of food. Eat Free and Often is the line we heard used. You can find food anytime of the day and it was always in plentiful supply and with lots of choices. And it almost all tastes great. Which of course means you eat way more than you should.
The Buffet was always a favorite. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with little to no waiting and lots of choices. And of course there was ice cream. I think my kids had ice cream for every meal because it was always available.
The kids also got to have all the fun cereals like Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms that I don't allow at home.

Getting dressed up for dinner was fun. Having a waiter take our order and serve us isn't something we do often with kids. But they behaved pretty well and were experts by the end of the trip.

Every night there were a number of choices for appetizers, entrees and of course desserts. It is so hard to decide sometimes. Everything sounds good. And some of us often ordered two dinners or multiple appetizers. I personally loved all the soups. I think I had a soup every night. Mango, asparagus, navy bean, cream of broccoli and many more.  I also tended to order the vegetarian or fish entrees.

Lucky for me I had Molly sitting next to me and I often ordered her a meal as well so I could sample one of the other items on the menu too.
Henry got tired of all the things on the kid's menu. He didn't want pizza, hot dogs or chicken nuggets so I told him he could order from the adult menu. He was very excited that he could have some salmon. He got a smoked salmon appetizer, a cesaer salad and then a baked salmon entree. He ate every bit of salmon on the plate and much of the salad but left all the other fancy stuff. I am glad he has such refined tastes

Julie doesn't like pictures but we sneaked this one in somehow.

We even tried to have a sit down breakfast one morning. It didn't go so well. The kids couldn't decide what to get and then when they saw something that someone else ordered then they suddenly wanted that also. So we kept that poor waiter very busy. I guess we should just stick to the buffet for breakfast and lunch.  They all did great at dinner.

At one point my Dad leaned over to me, as we watched some of the kids pile food onto their buffet plates, and said "can you believe there are starving people out there in the world? ".

We were far from starving on this trip.
Food is just part of the fun.

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Bibliophile said...

Thanks for putting so many good photos on your blog. I have to confess that i have taken a number of them and put them into my iPhoto. We certainly had fun, didn't we?