Thursday, May 27, 2010

California Here We Come

We school year round but need a break from the usual during the Summer. This year I decided we would learn all about our State. Which mean we get to do all things California. History, Geography, Science, and Literature all related to California.

We started off by listening to the book Island of the Blue Dolphin. I was surprised that the boys liked this one so much. They all just kept asking for more. They really wanted to know what was going to happen next and if she would ever get off the island.  The kids were all surprised when I showed them on a map the location of the Island just off the coast of California. They especially got excited when I told them we would be right in that area in a few weeks when we go on our cruise.

From here we are going to go over some of the geography of the state and look at books and information on the National and State parks. We will try to visit some eventually.  I want to read a few of the California Indian legends that I found at the library.

My kids have already started listening to the CD I found at the library called Californian Songs. I hope they have volume two as well. I have really enjoyed the commentary that goes along with the songs.  They cover the history of California from the missions through the gold miners in this first set. We actually have two mission right nearby so I will try to take a little field trip and visit one of them after we study about them a little.

Today the kids colored pictures of the State Flag, flower, butterfly and bird as well as the state seal. 

It should be a fun unit study. I will fill in more as we go along. I haven't planned it out completely yet.


Bibliophile said...

This is a good unit. You have so many good historical places to visit close by, so that should encourage the children. Good idea!

Aly in Va said...

lovely book cover, makes me want to head to Barnes and Nobles to get it :) Enjoy your trip to California!

Flem said...

Hey are you coming our way?