Monday, June 21, 2010

Cruise Ship - Fun in Catalina

Last week we spent a week on a cruise ship with every member of my side of the family. My parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and all the kids that go along with them. There were 26 of us. It was a really fun way to have everyone together.

The Cruise ship only had two stops. The first was Santa Catalina which is an island off the coast of California.  We took a little boat from the ship to the shore so we could walk around.
What do my kids do the moment we walk off the pier? Head for the water!

I wasn't prepared for beach play. I didn't pack any swim suits or towels but the kids were having so much fun we just let them play. Some of the cousins had never even been to the beach before so wading in the Pacific Ocean was a treat.

All the kids had such a fun time playing in the water and the sand that the adults just hung out and let them play. There were some performers dancing in the square nearby and some went to watch that but mostly we sat and talked or took turns wandering around while the kids played.

I did let Molly play in the waves a little. She loved it and I had trouble getting her out. She screamed and wanted to go back to play some more.

My sister and her husband had fun introducing their daughter to the sand and water. First time parents are so fun to watch. Every new thing is so exciting.

I can't say we did much on the island. We did enjoy getting off the cruise ship for a bit. But were rather soggy when we headed back.

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