Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cruise Ship - Entertainment

I know... more pictures of the cruise.... I am posting these for my family to enjoy, so bare with me.

This time the topic is Entertainment. On a cruise ship there is always stuff going on.

This ship was designed with a Mini golf course on the upper deck. We came up here at least once a day to play a round.
Molly was thrilled to be allowed to crawl around. There isn't a whole lot of open space on the cruise ship for crawlers.

This is the big show room. We attended a few shows but I have to say we walked out of a number of them because they claimed to be family entertainment but evidently they weren't talking about our family. We are more selective with our viewing than most people I guess.

They also held a few Trivia contests here. Just about every trivia contest was won by some member of our family.  I believe my husband won one on 70's music and ? . He was also really close to winning the one on Motown music as well. My brother-in-law won the pictionary one. And my Sister-in-law won the contest of riddles.  The prize was a plastic cruise ship trophy. Not that exciting but trying and winning a contest is always fun.

There were a number of singers performing throughout the ship.  This man played Beatles tunes. He took requests and was pretty good.

My family sat at the bar with their glasses of water and listened.

So what about all the kids? What did they have on board the ship for them to do.

Carnival Kids Camp.

We would drop the kids off at Kids camp and they did all sorts of crafts and activities.
Each day they came home with their faces painted and party hats of some kind.

Here is Henry and his cousin painted to look like Fun Ship Freddy.

We picked them up once and they were all dressed up like pirates.

Henry looks pretty good with a goatee.
The kids put on a talent show one afternoon and the whole family got to do some dancing.

There were a lot of kids on the boat. I was surprised. Of course we added 12 children to that number so we may have added a lot to their workload.

A lot of our time was spent just sitting around doing nothing. We would find an empty lounge and just hang out together.

These two little babies kept us busy too.
They look about the same age. Molly is about 3 1/2 months older. They are going to be "best cousins" as my kids say.

My sister was smart and brought along an umbrella stroller. For some reason I didn't. Our car was already full of luggage so I guess I left that item off the list. I ended up doing a lot of walking on board the boat and had to carry Molly around everywhere. By the end of the week my back and shoulders ached. Just for future travels with a baby. BRING a STROLLER!

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