Sunday, May 18, 2008

A not so busy week.

I can't say we have been particularly busy this week. We did do a lot but it didn't feel like we were "doing school".
Mostly we spent the week reading. We have continued with our Kaya Books. We have finished the 3rd one and have started the 4th. I am still so surprised at how much Ian loves these stories. He loves to tell his dad all about Kaya and Speaking Rain or Lone Dog. All I have to do is mention that we can read Kaya and he jumps into the chair and is glued to the seat listening to me read and looking at the few pictures that are included.
After reading one day about Kaya training a horse to pull a travois, I asked Sophie is she would like to make a travois for one of her horses. So we found a few supplies and started the project.

First she sewed on a "saddle blanket". Then we found some skewers to use as the poles and some left over fleece. Sophie did the sewing. She loves to do it. I had to really hold back and not take it away from her when I she didn't do it as neatly as I would have done. This is something I am really working on. She really needs to learn to do it and not have me hover around her too much. The finished product turned out really nice. We even took the stuffed indians out of a Thanksgiving playset that we have so they could ride the travois. Sophie also decided her horse needed to be an Appoloosa so we added a few spots on the horses rump.
When I got the camera out to take a picture of the finished product, Sophie decided it needed a background so she drew a few trees on a paper to hold up behind our indians and their horse.
I gave Sophie this coloring book this week and she has had a good time coloring. She loves coloring and pointing out different things that she sees or recognizes on the pages.
I remember reading this book as a young girl.
We checked it out of the library along with a few other "Indian" stories by the same author. Sophie has been reading these on her own. I will have to read them aloud to the boys sometime in the next few days.

Other than our Indian studies we have also kept reading about Beethoven. We started this biography on Friday.
Sophie didn't want me to stop. She also wanted to play the Beethoven music that is included in the story. Beethoven is a lot harder than I am capable of playing at the moment. Novice that I am! I broke down and ordered the CD that goes with the book. I hope it comes soon so we can listen to the songs that go along with the story.
Sophie has loved reading this book also. She took it into her room the day we got it from the library and I haven't gotten to read it yet. But she tells me that it is just like the movie and the CD we watched and have been listening to.

We also did a bunch of Math. Sophie started a new section in her math book about division. So to sort of illustrate the concept we read this book together and discussed how it is.
She sort of gets the concept but still needs to drill in some of the basics.

Other than this we haven't done much in the way of school. We have had very hot weather so haven't been out doing our walks. We did spend a lot of time at the park one morning before it got too hot. Then went swimming every afternoon. We got our P.E. in I guess.


Cocoa said...

The travois idea is brilliant! It turned out so well.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh, I absolutely loved learning about Native Americans when I was younger, and they still hold a place in my heart. Sophie did a fantastic job on the travois. I also have to work on keeping my trap shut when the kids are making things. I've gotten lots better, but it is still tough.

Tammy said...

Have you guys read Naya Nuki?

I read that aloud to my oldest 3 kids probably 4-5 years ago and it's been one of their very favorite read-alouds we've done.