Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Thoughts

Hurray it is May!

I always love a new month. I know Summer doesn't officially start until June but May always starts to heat up around here and thoughts change and start to lean more toward playing outside and enjoying the sunshine. (I am sorry to mention Summer already when I know some people just got more snow this week). I recently had to think about what classes the kids would take in the coming months. Do I sign up Sophie for more ballet and tap? Ian needs to start and Sophie could use more swimming lessons. Do I want to renew our membership at the aquarium or get a membership at the tech museum this year instead? So many choices, and I really don't want to do it all. I have to pick and choose what I can handle and what the kids really need and want. I still haven't signed up for anything yet. I am still debating.... maybe the classes will just fill up and that will decide for me.

I have also spent the last week thinking (trying not to scratch my poison oak) about what we were going to do academically all summer. We finished Story of the World, ancient history, last week and I don't feel ready to jump into the next volume yet. We have also finished up what I had planned as far as science for the year. (Except for the garden, that will continue through the summer. We will still be watching our plants grow and hopefully get some tomatoes and cucumbers to eat.) So it feels like our school year kinda had an ending. But I don't really like the idea of ending a school year. I don't ever want to feel tied to a schedule like that. We can start whenever and stop whenever and move on or leave off whenever we feel like it. Plus we always need something that we are studying. We need the structure of having things to do each day.

We have been just playing around this week. I sort of have a FIAR book we have been Rowing but even that hasn't been a bit hit. We just really need a change of pace. So I have decided we will do some American History for a change of pace. We are going to be starting a unit on American Indians. I thought we would read the American Girls Kaya books and read a lot about the native americans. The kids got excited when I got books about horses and indians at the library this week. So I think it will go over alright with them. We will see.

Other than this we will just play a lot outside. Do our Green hour challenges and draw a lot. Sophie loves to draw and I have been getting her how to draw books from the library and she is getting really good!

Sophie also asked who our artist and composer for May were. So we will continue with our musician and artist study. I had already picked the artist, Van Gogh for the month. But I hadn't picked a composer. So I asked her who she would like and she told me she wants to study Beethoven. He has been her favorite for a long time, thanks to Fantasia. I will have to get some books about him and CD's of some of his works from the library.

So anyway... this is what I have been mulling over the last little bit.


Bibliophile said...

I love that photo of pink/ fuchsia flowers. What are they? May I add that photo to my iPhoto for use in my newsletter?

Angela said...

I love the American Girl series- I read them all with Hillary! Your schedule looks great and I may have to start stealing your composer ideas. This really gets me thinking about what I should do this summer. To tell you the truth I haven't put an ounce of the thought into it!

Julie Q. said...

I love making plans. It was my favorite part about homeschooling. (WAY funner than actually implementing the plans for some reason).

Hope your kids enjoy the Van Gogh unit. When we studied him, I thickened some paint with flour and we made really gorgeous sunflower paintings.

Ice Cream said...

This sounds like a great summer plan.

I always hate choosing memberships and classes for the kids. There are so many fun things out there but I only have so much time, money, and energy.

Tammy said...

It's fun to make plans..... We kinda homeschool year round too. It makes it easier for me to feel alright about taking days off whenever I want.

Kayla is going to be doing these Kaya books this fall. Katie read every single American Girl book made (lol) and loved them all. :)

Tammy said...

Forgot to say, I love that the main stuff is ending for gives us some real free time to learn in a more unconventional way for a couple of months. We do lots of park and zoo days and science kits and such.