Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - Henry

In honor of Henry turnning 2, I thought today's top ten would be devoted to him. Here are 10 cute pictures of his first 2 years.

Here is Henry as a newborn. He wasn't an easy baby. He liked to cry a lot and not sleep through the night. Good thing he was so cute!

Henry loves Grandpa. Either Grandpa is good. He lights up whenever he sees either one of them.

Henry wasn't a baby that liked to be fed. He wanted to do it himself. So every meal ended up with him looking about like this.

Henry loved going to the beach. He wasn't even walking here but he got himself around quite well.

Here is Henry enjoying his birthday cake 1 year ago.

We took the kids bowling and Henry loved watching the balls fly up through the shoot.

Henry loves this lamp post at Grandpa's house. He is always climbing on here day or night.

We spend a lot of time on the swings when we are at the park. Henry would sit there and let me push him the whole park trip if I let him.

Henry all dressed up for our Nativity reproduction. He was too big to be the baby. He loved laying the baby in the manger.

Here is Henry with Sophie and Ian. These three kids sure have a lot of fun together.

I hope this trip down memory lane was fun. It was for me! We are so happy to have Henry in our family. He makes life interesting, messy and fun!


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my5wolfcubs said...

Wonderful Top Ten! Happy Birthday, Henry! My favorite picture is the beach one -- nothing like a chubby baby in a onesie!