Friday, September 21, 2007

First Day of Fall

It is officially Fall! Hurray! I love the fall.

I spent the day making jam. We picked my parent's peach tree bare about a week ago and so have had a lot of peaches sitting around. We eat them for every meal and yet have hardly made a dent in them. So today I ran to the store and bought some pectin and started making jam. I have never actually done this, by myself, before. I have always had my mom there to do it with me. So I spent the morning pealing, cutting and cooking peaches. It was actually quite easy. Just time consuming and hot! But a lot less messy than I remember doing it in my Mom's kitchen with her. It certainly tasted good when I mixed some into some plain yogurt. My kids licked their little bowls clean so I guess they liked it as well. We have ever so many jars of jam now. I made two batches of Freezer Jam and two batches of cooked jam which I canned in mason jars. Even after making 4 batches of Jam today there are still so many peaches left that I know I will be doing it again in a few days. But that way I will have some and I can leave some for my parents who did do the work of watering and such. I just came along and harvested the peaches and made the jam.


Melissa said...


I am so jealous!! I want to learn to 'can' jam!! I don't have much space for freezing anything, and could really use this skill (I'm always scared off the idea by thoughts of rotten jars of such-n-such that i put time and money into and then did it completely wrong!!!) If you want a second hand making your next batch - I'd be a willing student! If not, could you at least share your recipe and any insights into doing it right so it all won't spoil (ie. What pots etc do you need to do it right)?
Thanks for sharing!

Sea Star said...

The box of pectin that you buy at the store has the recipe. I just followed it. As for pots I just used what I had at my house. I guess there are specific pots designed for canning. I remember my mom had one when we were growing up but who knows where it is now. I just boiled everything in what pots I had and kept the bottles hot in the oven until the jam was done boiling. It really is a lot easier than I thought. But if you want to do it with me I will be doing another batch at my parents house Monday or Tuesday. You can come!

Karen said...

You can bring me some! Yum!

Sea Star said...

Kewan, don't you remember the story of the little red hen. Dad told it to us often enough! He he :)

But don't worry!
I will bring you some the next time I see you. I am sure there will be plenty, especially after I do all the peaches that are left.