Friday, August 31, 2007

Great Libray finds!

Yesterday was our library day and since we are starting Egypt next week I decided to look for some Egypt books. I didn't want just books about Egypt but some fiction, story books, as well the non-fiction. In the catalogue I found this book and it just happened to be there on the shelf so I took it home. We read through it yesterday afternoon and just loved it. This is a great book for Chapter 3 of the Story of the World where they talk about the first writing. They kids get to decipher some ancient writing. Just know that you are going to need a piece of paper and a pencil and you had better have some peanut butter and jelly handy for a snack afterward! My kids asked to read it again after we finished our sandwiches. This morning I found Sophie copying out the "Cuneiform". Very fun book!

This book was also a big hit with my kids this week. It is one recommended to go along with this week's Story of the World Lesson about the Earliest people. My kids love Tomie dePaola books so they were excited to read it. They loved it and were laughing and laughing. Without me telling her this went along with the history lesson, Sophie recognised that they were early people and that they lived in a cave. She said "Oh, look, they are Nomads". She loves that word!

Does anyone else know of any more good go-along books for Ancient History?


my5wolfcubs said...

We loved King Karfu! My 10yo translated the code -- very funny! I'll send it to you if you haven't & don't want to (I wish they'd been real hieroglyphs!).

I should have a great list of book, since we just studied the same time period...but nothing is coming to mind, I think I've moved on to Ancient Greece.

Are you going to do a Top 10 Tuesday? I got Bride & Prejudice from the library but haven't watched it yet. :)


PS You can use any numbered cards for Make 10! Let me know if something is unclear. Maybe we'll play w/ Uno cards today & I'll take pictures.

Anonymous said...

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