Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - BBC Costume Dramas

Last night I started to rewatch one of my favorite BBC period dramas and before getting to the menu on the DVD it had an add for other movies the BBC has done. I realized that I have seen all of the ones they talked about. I am a big fan of these films. I own a few of them on DVD but they also fill my queue at Netflix. They are my comfort movies that I put on when I just want to relax. I have read many of the books that these movies are based on so that may be why I love them so much. I get to revisit some of my old friends through these films. The BBC really knows how do costume dramas. Most of these have appeared on A&E or on Masterpiece Theater. Here are a list of a few of my favorites.

1. North and South - This is what I was watching last night. Maybe because it a pride and prejudice type story or it might be Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton but I just love this production.

2. Wives and Daughters - I just love Molly and all her different relationships with all the different people in her life, that are depicted in this film. What a great character!

3. Middlemarch - This is a somewhat older one. I remember watching it when I was in High School. It caused me to want to read the book. I loved the book and reread it now all the time. And then of course have to watch the movie again.

4. Our Mutual Friend - I really love Charles Dickens. This is a very involved story, like all Dickens stories. You definetly get caught up in the lives of these characters.

5. Daniel Deronda - I don't know exactly what I love about this story. I haven't read the book. I guess it is the music. The music is so good in this film. I really want the soundtrack.

6. David Copperfield - This is one Daniel Radcliffs first films. It is what helped him land the part of Harry Potter. He really does a great job as the young David Copperfield. This is one of my favorite Dickens novels and they do a great job depicting the story.

7. Jane Eyre - This is one of many different films I have seen of this story but this is a good one. I really liked that they give equal treatment to the St. John story line in this production. Others haven't given enough time to this part of the story. I used to hate Jane Eyre. I never could see how anyone would like Mr. Rochester. But that St. John story line is really necessary to understand why Jane goes back.

8. PersuasionThis is one of my favorite Jane Austen films. I think it is a more realistic depiction of life in the time period would have been like rather than some of the more stylized productions.

9. EmmaAlthough I love Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightly. I think this version of Emma is a lot better than the Gwyneth Paltrow film. The actors playing Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill are more like they are in the book.

10. Pride and PrejudiceWhat list of BBC Dramas would be complete without this 6 hour production of P&P. In college my roommates and I watched this one all the time. We were always shocked when some of our guy friends knew of the film. They always claimed that it was only because they had sisters but they would often sit and watch it with us. They got into it as much as we did. I got my husband hooked on Costume Dramas after I got him to watch this film with me. He didn't have any sisters so never got forced into watching it before.

There are so many good BBC films it was hard to narrow it down to just 10 but these are my favorites. I have watched these ones over and over again.

The BBC also does some great series shows like Foyles War and Jeeves and Wooster which are also really well done.

I have been watching these types of films since I was a little girl. My kids already get a dose of them at times but haven't caught on to them yet.... but they will love them too I am sure.


Andrea said...

Thanks for these suggestions! I've seen only some of these but am a serious fan of the BBC movies as well. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite movie! My family knows that when it rains or it's too cold to go outside, I grab a blanket and some hot cocoa and watch "Pride", "Emma", or "Persuasion". I can't wait to check out the rest of them.

my5wolfcubs said...

I haven't seen any of these! I'll have to check the library. :) I still want to check out some of the Bollywood movies you mentioned. I should have a me-myself-and-I movie night once a week.
I post my Broccoli Soup recipe on my blog! :)