Monday, September 17, 2007

Yosemite with Cousins

We were a bit crazy to go to Yosemite today after just going to Big Trees on Friday but we just decided to go and this time we brought some cousins along with us. The cousins are also homeschooled so it was a field trip day for all of us. There were nine kids and 3 adults hiking around in Yosemite Valley today. I think the kids had a great time. They certainly were tired by the end of the afternoon.

Here are some of our photos.

Fall isn't the most spectacular time of year to go to Yosemite. The waterfalls were either just a trickle or not flowing at all. But the weather was perfect. A beautiful sunny but cool day. The place was still packed with people and bikes. I think next time we will bring out bikes along so we can see more of the valley.

Sophie had the best day. She loved Yosemite. She wanted to go back to the indian village again and explore the redwood teepees. She also really enjoyed looking at the Ansel Adams gallery. We ended up taking a few postcards, of some his photographs, home with us. When we got home Soph immediately broke out her crayons and started drawing. Here is a great one of the pictures she drew.!
I only wish she had done it on good paper rather than the scratch paper. You can see some of the printing through the picture. I guess that is a lesson to me. Use the good stuff. You never know when you are going to make a masterpiece.

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