Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Week has flown by.

This was our last week at Grandma's house so it was still a light school work week. I did decide to Row a book for a change of pace. I have had Down Down the Mountain sitting on my shelf for a long time ( I found it at a library book sale) so I decided that would be our book for the week. I can't say we gave it a real deep study. But we discussed cabin life and compared it to Little house on the prairie which we read earlier this year. The kids pointed out some of the comparisons Laura and Mary's life without me having to prompt them. They also loved it when we went out to Grandpa's garden and picked what they thought was a turnip. It was really a beet but it looked very similar to the ones in the book so they called it a turnip. We are still reading a lot of books about money. We haven't really finished our study on that subject. But overall the book was a success. They loved reading it each day which surprised me. I didn't know if the story was one that they would like.

For History this week we listened to the Story of the World chapter 3 on Hieroglyphics but haven't made our tablets yet. Next week we will tackle that one. We did go online to a hieroglyphics translator and saw what our names would look like in Egyptian. We did make some clay pyramids to go in our model of the nile. I made a little sphinx to go with them as well.

While we had the clay out we also made a little mummy to go in a cardboard mummy case which was a lot more difficult to make then I thought it would. Sophie is looking forward to getting out the paints next week to decorate the case.

Other than this there hasn't been a whole lot of academics going on around here. Mostly we have just done a lot of playing of computer games, some reading of books, and some art projects. Sophie loves to get out the elmer's glue and make collages of some of the things she finds around the house. And she got a few fun projects for her birthday that has kept her entertained. But mostly we have enjoyed being outside. The weather here is perfect right now. No longer hot but not cold yet.

We did climb up into Grandpa's Apple tree and pick a few bags of apples. We still left a lot on the tree for Grandpa to pick when he got home. I wasn't ambitious enough to want to make apple sauce and can it since I did another couple of batches of Peach Jam this week as well.

Henry loved picking up the apples that fell on the ground and throw them into grandpa's pool. I spent a lot of time with the pool net fishing out a lot of apples. I guess an apple tree right next to the pool isn't the greatest idea. But Henry sure had a great time

Before heading back to our house we spent some time at the best park. My kids love this park better than any parks we have where we live. So we got some pizza and had dinner at the park one night. They loved this novelty. We rarely ever get pizza and to have it at the park was really different for us. They loved it.

Henry of course spent a lot of time in the swings.

Ian loves the digger. He doesn't let anyone else play with this toy while he is at the park.
Sophie just had a great time trying out all the different climbers and slides. This park is large and has all sorts of different activities for the kids to try out. They could have stayed all night.

We are home again and will get serious again next week. I am planning to start First Language Lessons. And officially start a music and Artist study. I have decided to do Scott Joplin for our Musician. A little ragtime music will be fun. We know and listen to many of the classical and baroque musicians already. I don't know which artist we will study yet for October. How is that for disorganization. Maybe we should do someone modern like Pablo Picasso. We seem to study the impressonists a lot.

We also continue our bird watching and lots of bird books. I think we need to do a Bird Lapbook just so we can organize what we have learned.

Anyway.. that is what we are up to around here.

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Bibliophile said...

I just LOVE your blog, Sarah! You like to talk about what you're doing this week, and I enjoy entering into your family activities. I just wish I had been home to participate in all these fun times!