Friday, September 14, 2007

Calaveras Big Trees

We decided to head out on a field trip today. We have been meaning to take the kids to Big Trees (I know a really creative name) for a long time. Having grown up in this area, I have been there many times. This is where we used to go camping and often for day hikes. But for some reason we hadn't made the drive recently to show this amazing place to the kids.

We hiked and hiked along the trails. The kids did great because there was so many things to look at. There were lots of opportunities to climb in, on, around and through the trees.

Even through I have been here so many times it is still amazing to see these huge redwoods. They aren't just tall. They are so big around too.
Many of the trees have burned out parts. The tree still is alive but sometime in their past lightning struck them and their insides were burned out. Now we get to climb into or through these burned out parts.

Below is one tree that had been trimmed long ago so that a car can drive through it. Now the trail goes through. The tree itself is still alive. There was green at the top.

Henry had a great time holding the binoculars and looking at animals. There were tons of birds and chipmunks scampering about the forest.

We had a great trip and as we drove back down the hill the kids kept saying they wanted to go there again.


Melissa said...

great pictures! I recognize all that stuff, it makes me feel like I was just there myself.

my5wolfcubs said...

That is a dream family vacation for us! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!!
PS I finally watched Bride & Prejudice -- after having it checked out from the library for weeks! It was good...but you're right, Lagaan was better. :)