Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sophie's new favorite game

For Sophie's birthday we got her a dog. Not a real one but a virtual one. I saw this little virtual pet at the store and thought that it was perfect for Sophie, my little animal lover. For the past few days Sophie has been taking this little dog everywhere. She loves it and is doing really well with it. She just has a hard time letting the dog sleep enough. She always wants to make the dog play or eat or explore. In fact the first night she couldn't sleep when we put her to bed because she was so worked up about her puppy. It had collapsed because it was so tired. She thought she had killed it and was in tears about it. We restarted the game the next day with a new dog and she has done great since. I actually play it sometimes after she goes to bed, to rack up points for her.

She has actually learned a lot about money from the game. You have to earn points or money to buy food, water, toys and trips to the groomers. In order to earn the points you either play games or you take the dog for a walk. There is a little pedometer inside so when you wear the little handheld part it counts your steps and you earn points according to how long you walked. So she wears the "Pod" as she calls it (to be like Dad with his ipod) all over the place. We were at the store and she was dancing around as we waited for an elevator just so she could rack up more points. We had to giggle at her because when we asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom she replied "No, I have to earn some money so I can feed my dog" . She has also learned that you have to wait to buy toys until after you have bought enough food and water to keep the dog healthy.

I am just glad that she is enjoying this gift. I found a cheep, new one on Ebay! I love Ebay!


belliesue said...

What a great idea--I especially love the way that you don't have to clean up after it. That's my kind of pet.

LH said...

Virtual Pet? I've never heard of that . . . but I have older kids. I bet it's really fun! :-)