Monday, September 24, 2007

Cat and Mouse

Last night I got to watch my parent's cat hunt a mouse. I was actually laying in bed and I heard her making the strangest sound so I got up and thought she really wanted to go outside. I turned on the light and saw her crouched and ready to pounce while a little mouse was frozen, trapped against the wall under a chair. I just stood there and watched the cat do its thing. The mouse would suddenly get brave and start to run. The cat would swat it and bat it about. Not kill it yet. It played this game a few times then the cat picked up the mouse and walked it toward me and put it down at my feet. Yuck! She must have wanted me to reward her for catching it but I wouldn't touch her.
The cat then proceeded to pick up the mouse and toss it into the air and knock it about on the rug. (My parents nice run in the front room where I often placed my babies down to play.) And then finally she was done with her play and, with her back to me thankfully, she started to chomp into the mouse. I thought there would be some leftovers on the rug for me to clean up but not one little bit of that mouse remained. Then the cat started looking at me like she wanted me to pet her and reward her for a job well done. I didn't even want to touch her. But I patted her a few times and told her she did well. That is what she is here to do. I then told her to go and get a drink (I know I would need one after doing what she just did) but she didn't want that. She followed me into my bedroom and wanted to sleep with me. I had to kick her out. I know she did what she is made to do but I just didn't want her on my bed or in my room so out she went.

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