Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekly report

I can't say we have had a really productive school week. We didn't do any of our Story of the World lessons or any of the other things I had planned. We have been busy going back and forth between our house and Grandma's. Also a birthday party took up some of our time.
We have had a lot of outside time however. We have been at Grandma's house again taking care of things while they are gone. The kids have had a great time picking tomatoes and other veggies from the garden. But the best was going out to Grandpa small orchard and picking peaches off the tree. We picked the tree bare and then came inside and ate freshly picked peaches. YUM!
This morning the kids had fun helping their Dad mow the lawn and then rake up the clipppings and putting them in the wheelbarrow. They loved it when the clippings were dumped into the pasture and the cows came running up to get the fresh green grass.
We have also had a lot of play time with the cousins. Sophie was even able to attend American Girls Club with her cousins. We did read the book that was to be discussed before she went, so I guess you can count that as schoolish type work. She had a great time doing the little projects there and came home full of things to share with us.

I checked out Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A light in the Attic at the library and Sophie has really loved reading through those poems. She is making up her own poetry too. We just need to write some of her short little poems down.
I am going to try to do better next week but I have a feeling things are going to be a lot like vacation again. When you aren't at your own house and following your typical schedule it is a lot more difficult to do school. Especially since Dad is here. Just having him around makes it hard to keep the kids down to a school schedule. He has taught Sophie how to play Civilization III this week. She loves starting civilizations especially playing the Egyptians.

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