Sunday, December 2, 2012

Starting the Festivities

It was December 1st so of course that means it is time to dig out the Christmas boxes.
The kids set up the tree and got started on the ornaments first thing Saturday morning.
It really is amazing how many ornaments we have now. The kids kept pulling them out of the box and the tree is now loaded.
We even added a few new ones. Sophie had her perler bead out earlier this week and the kids were all busy making little creations. Ornaments are a good use for these perler bead projects.
We also had to break out a few of our nativity sets. The kids were especially excited about the Playmobil figures we had.
Molly especially was happy to see a girl for a change. Most of our playmobils have been pirates and knights so to have a girl is so exciting for her. She wouldn't let anyone else play with Mary or the baby.

After getting our tree up and a few decorations around the house, we also hung some lights outside. I had even bought a few new sets of lights last year after Christmas and had forgotten about them. The kids were thrilled to see them when we opened the Christmas box. Little by little we add to our Christmas decorations.

Finally it was starting to feel like Christmas. We had one more thing to do Saturday to help us kick off our Christmas season. We headed over to the Christmas Creche exhibit. The kids had lots of fun looking at all the different nativity sets from around the world.

Molly especially loved dressing up and all the kids enjoy the marionette show. It doesn't change from year to year but you never get tired of hearing the Nativity story and singing Christmas carols.
Sophie spent her time at the craft table and made some angels.

The kids always look forward to this event and even if it is much the same each year it is still a wonderful way to start our Christmas Festivities.

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