Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enjoying the Season

 On Friday Night we went up to the Oakland Temple. They had a free performance of the Nutcracker that they were performing at Temple Hill. We were lucky enough to get tickets and since Molly had been doing ballet and even dancing to a few Nutcracker songs we thought she would enjoy it.  She lasted about 15 minutes before she was so beyond wiggly I had to take her out "to use the bathroom". But all she wanted to do was lay on the couch that was in the ladies restroom. We spent the entire rest of the show running around in the lobby and climbing up and down the stairs to the balcony.  We did enjoy walking around the ground of the temple and seeing all the lights. But the ballet itself was not as enjoyable. Sophie liked it and saw the entire thing. The boys kept getting up to check on Molly or to use the bathroom. Maybe the Nutcracker won't be on our list of events next year!

 Saturday night was our ward Christmas party. True to three year old form Molly was not able to sit and enjoy the program. I really wish I could have heard the Zion choir (an audition choir of Juniors and Seniors from the valley here that travel around and perform throughout the year) which came to perform for our ward. One of the directors happens to be in our ward. The two songs that I was able to hear were lovely.
 Monday night we went to Bethlehem. A baptist church nearby turns their parking lot into Bethlehem and performs the nativity story. They have live animals including camels, a donkey, sheep and goats.
 The town of Bethlehem has booths where you can see the types of foods and crafts that they people of the time would have created.
 And of course there is the stable where the characters meet up to worship the baby Jesus.
And of course true to form.... Molly ruined the event by either running away and getting lost in the crowd or screaming about having to be carried. We ended up leaving early before we saw everything because she wouldn't stop yelling at us about wanting hot chocolate, NOW!

We all went home a bit frazzled and swore we wouldn't take Molly to anything anymore. Sophie said everything we have been to has been a fiasco because of Molly and that she makes everything difficult.

I have to admit having a three year old isn't fun. I don't remember my other three year olds being this hard. Molly is just a very strong willed girl who knows how to throw award winning tantrums. Despite all this we love this little girl and hope by next year she will have learned not to  be such a chore to take anywhere.

As much as I would love to just post pictures of the events and say we had a great and wonderful time. I felt like I should keep it real. Life with a three year old is hard and not always fun.  But we are still having as much fun as we can fit in this Christmas season.

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