Sunday, December 23, 2012

Legos make everything more interesting

 My kids picked up this book yesterday at Costco. They decided to buy it together as a Christmas gift for themselves.

 They spent a good hour and some sitting together on the couch looking at all the pictures and reading the text.
 It is a little graphic. It takes the words of the scriptures and turns them into pictures. It is very literal. So when they got to the book of Revelations there are beasts with lots of heads and eyes. One character has a sword coming out of his mouth. This has led to a lot of discussion and comparison to the King James Version of the bible today.  My kids have enjoyed it so far. Maybe I need to encourage them to make some scenes of their own maybe for Book of Mormon stories. I am sure we have enough legos and lego guys to make some interesting scenes.

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Chocolate on my Cranium said...

They would enjoy then! You can see some of the scenes on a guest post he did here: