Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Lego Christmas

When I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas this is what each would say.

Molly - A tea set and Princess Playmobils
Henry - A New Webkinz and Legos. He really wanted a big set like The Black Pearl pirate ship but I told him we could most likely get him a meduim set. He also said he wanted lego windows and doors.
Ian - A New Webkinz and Lego Technics
Sophie - couldn't think of anything in particular but I knew she really wanted a webkinz.

So lets see if they were happy with what they found under the tree this Christmas.
Lego Hogwarts. They loved this set and were so excited to get a dementor and Nevil Longbottom mini figures.
Molly received a bunch of princess dress up things. She loves being Snow White especially. And now has lots of little high heal shoes to clomp around the house in. 

Each of the kids found a new Webkinz in their stocking.
Sophie got a pink frog. Ian got a green bullfrog. Henry got a cheeky monkey. Molly got a lemur.
Henry got a nice log cabin set of legos that has windows and doors.

Ian got some lego technic pieces and some books about how to build different things with them. And then also opened a little car technic set. He was very happy!
The boys fulfilled Molly's wish for a tea set. They bought her this very cute little pink tea set. We have been having endless tea parties since Christmas morning.
Sophie's big gift was a camera.
And Papa got a Kindle Fire HD. He was a bit shocked. He quickly found how much he liked it.
Molly also go some playmobil stuff. There was a castle, a princess, some unicorns and even some mermaids. She was very excited to try them all out.

The boys set to work building each of their new Lego sets.  Henry also was thrilled to find out that he didn't just get one set of legos but two. He also got this Lego City set with a police man, dogs and a bandit.
I didn't even get pictures of the nerf guns that the boys got or the books that any of the kids received. As I wrapped presents a week or so ago I kept thinking how spoiled my kids are. We have such abundance and really their wish list was all fulfilled plus some. 

It was a great Christmas!

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