Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lots and Lots of Pots

Before some of these get wrapped up for gifts I figured I better snap a few photos of Sophie's masterpieces.

Here is her latest set of pots.

 Here is her entire collection that she made while taking the class. I think there is one plate missing. She has already wrapped that one.

 I think this mug is one of her best pieces. I love the turtle swimming on the blue mug. She made this one specifically to give to one of her friends who said she loved turtles.
 This pot was supposed to be yellow with purple flowers but the color ended up a little darker than planned once it was fired. I like it bright yellow the almost black accents. It reminds me of a bumble bee.
 Sophie made this pizza mug at the suggestion of a classmate. Sophie thinks it is really funny and she plans to keep this one for herself.
 She is very proud of her work!
 This one is decorated with a fruit bowl inside. The paint was a little thin and when fired it didn't turn out dark enough. I thought it looked nice anyway. But Sophie isn't happy with the finished product.
 Here is the edge of that fruit bowl pot.
Sophie would love to take the class again and again but I had to tell her we needed to try other things. I actually felt a bit overwhelmed by the number of classes we were attending this Fall so I signed my kids up for less during the next semester. She will have to be happy with her online classes since she isn't going to be taking anything other than piano lessons and choir during the Winter and Spring.

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