Sunday, December 30, 2012

I will go, I will do

Today, at church, I taught the last lesson in the Sunbeam Manuel. It is called "I can help at Church".  I had three little girls (My busy bunch of boys were missing) who couldn't care less about the lesson and just wanted to get to the snack. But I pushed through and gave the lesson and honestly it was the lesson I needed to hear today.

Usually when I prepare a lesson for Sunbeams I dwell mostly on whatever scripture story is used in the lesson. Today it was Nephi building the boat. The emphasis was to be on how the Lord asked him to do something and gave him the help he needed to do it. The girls enthusiastically sang Nephi's courage with me.

We then talked about things the Lord asks us to do and then helps us do them. I showed them pictures of boys passing the sacrament, a bishop, a primary teacher and a family. Each time talking about what each of the people were asked to do and how the Lord needs us to help them do those things.

So why was this lesson important for me to hear right now? Well... I have been asked to do something I don't especially want to do.

I got an email this week explaining what my primary assignment will be for the 2013 year. I am embarrassed to admit I actually started crying when I read that my husband and I have been assigned to do the Nursery.  I have never been one of those people who turn down callings even if they scare me but this is one I really didn't want.  I think it has to do with the fact that I did Nursery for three years straight not that long ago (I guess it was a long time ago since some of those kids I had in nursery are now passing the sacrament). Or maybe this is hard for me to accept because I just spent a year teaching a very difficult Sunbeam class without the help that I kept getting told was "in the works".  Or perhaps it has to do with the almost 5 years I spent as the primary secretary before volunteering to take the Sunbeam class.

It isn't a hard calling so I don't know why it struck me so hard. I just feel worn out I guess. But as I sat there teaching this lesson and singing about Nephi saying he would go and do the things the Lord commands I felt like I needed a little more faith and be like Nephi and allow the Lord to help me have a good attitude about taking this new assignment. I know how difficult this particular job is to fill. There are many that flat out refuse to do it. So I will do what the Lord asks of me and focus on the positives of this assignments.

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