Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Between Rainstorms

As I took a shower this morning I heard rain hitting the skylight. "So much for park day", I thought. But the rain didn't continue. By afternoon it bleak and cloudy but at least it wasn't raining so we headed to the park anyway. We needed to run around for awhile. The clouds were rolling in rather dark and certainly looked like rain was soon coming but we enjoyed the few minutes at the park anyway.

We were pretty much the only people at the park. I guess the rain or the threat of rain kept everyone away. But my kids had fun anyway. I guess that is the joy of having siblings. There is always someone to play with, or fight with, whichever the case my be.

The zip line was certainly the favorite. All the kids fought over who got to go flying across. Taking turns on this was was rather difficult.

 We started to fill a bit of a mist start rolling in but nobody wanted to leave yet. So we played a little hopscotch. I had to remind them of the rules.
When the drips started to get a bit bigger we decided to head to the car. By the time we were all buckled into the car the rain started to really fall and we drove home in a nice little pour. We got lucky with our short visit to the park and timed it just right to leave before the storm really got going.

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