Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

My kids always ask if we can do a gingerbread house at Christmas time. I haven't been ambitious enough to make gingerbread myself so I have usually bought a kit. I didn't want to buy each kid a kit yet I knew they wouldn't be happy unless they each had their own so I was really excited when I saw a Village Kit at Target the other day. This was perfect, five mini houses rather than one and it was on sale too. 
Molly got her own little challet to decorate. I did the frosting for her and she put as much candy on it as she could.

Each of the kids took their house and decorated as they wished. And used more candy than the kit came with. This was the ideal time to get rid of some of that unliked, uneatten Halloween candy.

Here is the finished village. The kids were so happy with the results. But Henry thinks his was the best since he used the most frosting and put snow all around his house.
This all happened last night. Today the houses are now picked clean of their candy. So I guess I am glad we got a few pictures before they were raided by my candy loving kids.

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