Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Week

Our week has been full of rain, rain and more rain. We have spent a lot of time indoors this week. We tried the make the most of it anyway. I actually picked a book for us to row this week. We learned all about pizza with Little Nino's Pizzeria. We had a great time reading all these pizza books. There are a few more that we read but I couldn't seem to find them when I went to take this picture. I think they were taken into Sophie's room for early morning reads.
This is one of the books that Sophie particularly liked. I have read it several times. It is a great little math book. She liked it so much that I found one of Paperbackswap and it should arrive in the mail shortly. Probably about the time we have to return this one to the library.
Of course with all these pizza books we had to make pizza one night.

This is Sophie's recipe for making pizza. She wrote down each of the ingredients that go into the dough and some of the toppings. These were also her spelling words for the week.

Here are the kids each with their own bit to dough to kneed and roll out. They each wanted to have a pizza of their own.
All three of them had to grate the cheese too. It was hard to convince them to do it one at a time.

Then came the toppings
Sophie decorated hers to look like a face.

One of the lessons from the FIAR manuel to do with this book is about the food guide pyramid. Since we had already done this a few months ago. We just talked about the food groups that each of the parts of pizza belong to. Then I broke out my spices and we smelled them trying to decide which ones would be good on pizza and which smelled like they would be good in cookies. Sophie decided she really loves garlic. She reccognised that smell from when I make garlic bread sticks. She loves these and they make the house smell great!

So we had a great time with this book.

We did do a few other things as well. We of course have been reading more and more greek myths. Here are some of the books we have been reading.
Sophie and Ian are at this moment enjoying watching Clash of the Titans. It is one of the movies I remember watching a number of times as a child. It is a great rainy day movie.

We also have been learning the poem "The Months" this week. Thirty days hath September.... etc. Sophie knows this poem quite well now. It is one I learned when I was young and use it all the time to remember how many days are in each month.

As for Science... We reviewed a few books about birds but Sophie has decided she wants to study the rain forest. So this week, when at the library, we filled our bag full of Rain forest books. It will be our subject of study for a week or two.

That is about all we have been up to this week. My kids have had the best time with this game I bought this week. I found it at Target on the clearance shelves for only a few dollars. Well worth the price! They have enjoyed it thoroughly.
So while the rain keeps coming, and it is supposed to continue for a number of days more, we are spending a lot of time indoors. We are playing a lot of games, reading a lot of books, baking a bunch, and watching movies.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love making pizza with kids. It really is one of the most creative foods they can make.

Sonja said...

Please tell Sophie that I LOVE her pizza recipe and drawing and that I think her actual pizza looks fantastic! We love to make pizza too.

Good luck with the rain. Yep, I can't wait for spring.