Monday, August 6, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - Kids Magazines

I thought I would share some of my thoughts on Kids Magazines today. This is a list of kids magazine that we either subscribe to or would like to subscribe to.

1. The Big Backyard - We have been receiving this magazine for about 2 years and we love it. My kids love to learn about animals and this one is informative but also on their learning level. Perfect for the 3-5 year old crowd. I think we are going to have to start getting Ranger Rick. Sophie wants to go a little more in depth about the animals and such.

2. National Geographic Kids - This magazine is a bit more trendy and has advertisements. It covers animals as well as history. Sophie has always enjoyed this magazine.

3. Kids Discover - This one covers one subject each month and they alternate history and then science. This year we have had one about Leonardo De Vinci and then the next month one about Glasiers. Yesterday this magazine arrived and it is all about boats. It has a fun experiment about floating and sinking in it that I know my kids will enjoy. This is one for older kids 6-10 or so. Sophie loves this one but I know some of the stuff is over her head and there is a lot more text and less pictures on the page then other magazines.

4. Ladybug - We don't take this one anymore. We recieved it as a gift and it is somewhat expensive so we didn't renew it but we loved it. It is more literature based and is just a bunch of stories. They usually have this one at the library and we pick it up and look through it there sometimes.

5. Lego Magazine - I just started getting this one for Ian. It is of course all about legos. It is a little old for Ian but he loves to get it and best of all It is FREE. You just have to sign up for it. It has little comic book type stories with lego star wars guys in them or some other characters.

6. American Girl - I just got a subscription of this magazine for my niece. She loves the American girl books and this is for that same age group. 8-12 yr old girls. I don't know all about it but I know she loves it! It is somewhat expensive since it come every other month so for 6 issues a year it seems like a lot.

Now for a few magazines we don't get but would love to.

7. Zoobooks - This is of course all about animals. Each issue is devoted to one animal. I know my kids LOVE to learn about animals so this would be great around our house.

8. Learning through History This is a magazine all about history of course. Each one looks packed full of information and activities that go along with that months topic. GREAT for homeschoolers!

9. Muse, Ask, Cobblestone, dig These are all put out by the same people that put out the Ladybug magazine. They have all sorts of magazines that are focused on different subjects some on art, science or history. I have glance through some of these at the library too and they are really well done. I haven't been able to find any subscriptions for these discounted.

And for the magazine my kids get the most excited about each month.

10. The Friend - The LDS kids magazine is poored over at our house. We often read through these issues over and over again. This makes me very Happy!

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