Friday, August 17, 2007

Birthday Party Season

We have a birthday party we are going to this afternoon. We have another tomorrow afternoon for another friend. We also have birthday party next week for another little boy that we know. We went to 3 birthday parties in July. And it just doesn't stop for us. Henry turns 2 the first week of September and then Sophie will be 6 a week later. So now I get to plan a birthday party. Sophie has her heart set on a party this year. She wants an Alice in Wonderland party. She has loved that story for years now. I don't know exactly what I am going to do for it yet but I had better start thinking seriously about it. Any suggestions or ideas would be very useful.

To make present shopping for all these parties that we are invited to easier on myself I get kids magazine subscriptions for the gift. We pick one that we think that child would like and order it for them. We usually make a homemade card with pictures of past magazine covers and tell them that we subscribed to the magazine for them. This isn't the most exciting gift for kids to open. Usually the moms have to prompt the child to even look at it. But I have had a number of moms come up to me months later and tell me that their children love the magazine that we got them. So I guess it is a fun gift when the kid gets them in the mail each month. I usually purchase subscriptions on ebay. Some magazines are half the price on ebay as on the actualy magazine's website. I haven't had any problems with any of the ebay sellers (cross my fingers that it will stay that way).

We just have birthdays on the brain here at the moment. Once my kids know there is going to be a party they can't seem to do anything but count down the days, hours and minutes until they can go. We even get to dress up for the Princess Party we are going to this afternoon. Ian is excited he is going to wear his armor and be a knight and Sophie as a princess dress to wear. Henry will just go as Henry I think.

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