Monday, August 13, 2007

My old toys.

I am sorry I haven't had much to say the last few days. It has been a very ordinary few days with nothing that sparked me to want to blog about it.

Sophie has always been excited for me to give her one of my toys. My Mom packed away some of my toys from when I was little and I have claimed them and given them to Sophie to play with. She has never been that excited about dolls so my Cabbage Patch kids have always just been put with all the other stuffed animals in their bin. For some reason the last few days Soph has been bringing them out. I can't really say she plays with them. Usually she just holds them and asks me what I did with them when I was younger. When, where and for what reason I got them. She thought it was funny that these dolls were so popular and that I would even take one to school with me or over to friend's houses to play.

Carebears were also really popular in my house when I grew up. Me, my sister and brother each had a few so we ended up with quite a collection. We have since divided them up and given them away to the nieces and nephews so we only have a few floating around our house now. Sophie has been taking them guys to bed with her the last few days.

Just a fun little trip down memory lane with my old toys!


Michelle said...

I loved seeing your Cabbage Patch Kids! I had that same one - the one with red hair. Her name was Elsie. I took her to school and left her at the playground and she got kidnapped. Boy did I cry a long time about that one. Ella LOVES hearing that story, especially since she has a Cabbage Patch Kid too.

Sea Star said...

The red headed girl's name was Elita Luana if I remember right. I am sure I still have her adoption papers in my box of stuff from when I was little. I know I saved them for years and years.

I am sorry to hear about your little doll. I am sure it was tragic to have her taken.