Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sophie's Task List

One of the things I have been working on with Sophie recently is teaching her how to do the everyday things around the house. Chores in other words. Things that are beyond just the get yourself dressed or brush teeth but jobs that are for the good of the family. I tend to just do the chores because I can do them faster and better but I really need to let them do them.

A few months back I created a list of about 15 chores or tasks that I felt she was ready to learn how to do properly. I tried to list tasks for each room of the house. So for her bedroom she has to learn how to make her bed, as in put new sheets on and everything. Cooking wise she has been learning how to make and flip pancakes. She also is often asked to make the sandwiches for lunch. She even gets to clean the bathroom by emptying the garbage and wiping counters, mirror and toilet. For some reason the bathroom is exciting for her. Maybe because it was always the forbidden room and that fun little toilet brush was always taken out of their hands. She also is asked to sort and fold laundry.

Maybe a Task list isn't necessary for other people but for a long time I just did everything and never had the kids help me much. But then I realized that it is very important that they learn some of these basic life skills. Plus whenever she asks me for something to do or if she ever says she is bored then I point out that mom always has a long list of things to do and then point her to one of these tasks that would be helpful.

Here is Sophie's list

Help make bread
Make peanut butter sandwiches
help make pancakes /flip them herself
Help make cookies

Sort dirty clothes
Load washer and dryer
Fold towels
Fold shirts and pants
Sort and fold socks
Put clothes away

Room clean-up
Pick up books and toys
Make bed / put on new, clean sheets
Vacuum rug
Sweep floor

Kitchen clean-up
Set table for dinner
Clear and wipe table after dinner
Wash dishes in sink
Load dishwasher
Help unload dishwasher

Bathroom Clean up
Clean toilet and empty trash
Wipe off counter and mirror

I have this list on a spread sheet with ten boxes next to each chore. I mark them off as she does them and I check that she has done it properly. After she has finished each task 10 times to my satisfaction she is given a small reward. So far she hasn't made it through all 10 for any one chore. She is really close on a few of them and she reminds me to let her do some of the chores that are on her list when she sees me doing them.

I haven't made a list for Ian yet. He doesn't seem to need an actual list. He tends to want to help or do things without me having to do anything to reward him. He already does some of these chores better than Sophie does. Sophie get frustrated very easily. She is a bit of a perfectionist and when she can't do things just right the first time she gives up or throws a fit. Sometimes I am able to get her to try again but often we just have to walk away and let her calm down and try again next time.

I would love any suggestions in other age appropriate chores your kids do or ways that you have taught some of these basic skills.


my5wolfcubs said...

So, this isn't a daily/weekly list, right? It is when she's done something 10x's she gets a little reward? I really like that! A lot!!
PS What about wiping screens -- TV & Computer?

Sea Star said...

Yeah... the list isn't daily or weekly. We have been doing it for about 2 months now and she has done 8 make bed (that is one that she really wanted to be able to do) but she has only helped clean the toilet once. She also is really good at folding towels but can't figure out how to fold socks which is why it is separate.

I hadn't thought of wiping screens. Maybe because I don't do them either until I can't stand it anymore. That is a good one for little helpers to do then! I will have to add that one to the list.