Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday is library day.

We go to the Library every Thursday. Usually we make it for story time. Today we didn't but there is always next week.

Trips to the library aren't always fun for me. Henry is really good and running around pulling books off the shelves and leaving them all over the floor. Today was no different. Since the older two didn't make it to story time they were wandering through the children's section picking out books. Ian always picks out books about diggers, the Beranstain Bears, or Nate the Great. Sophie always goes straight to the Dr. Seuss books finds one or two that she wants then heads to the non fiction section to find magic school bus books or just browse through the books on different animals or insects. Today she wanted books about energy. (We had been listening to our science songs in the car.) I had a list of books I had looked up online that I wanted. By the end of our trip my large Library tote bag was so heavy and full. The list said I checked out 35 books and movies today. That sounded about like it usually is but it just felt really heavy today.

We came home dropped the book in the front room and went and took a quick scooter ride around the block before comming back and climbing into the big blue story chair to read through a few of our new books. My kids really liked this one.

Skull Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta.

We had fun trying to guess what animal each skull belonged to.

Ian loved this one. He knows each of these big machines by name and likes to argue with me about the names if they differ from book to book.

Construction Alphabet book also by Jerry Pallotta.

Sophie has been looking through this book all afternoon.
A Hat full of Seuss.

Henry loved that we picked up a new Signing Time Video He, along with the other two watched this and made all the new signs. They loved the Silly Pizza song!

We still have 30 some odd books to look through before next week when we return the ones we don't want anymore and pick out another 30 some odd books to read. We love the library.

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my5wolfcubs said...

I came to your blog from -- love your blog name & your homeschool description! I've read all those books/philosphies and we're making our own way as we go...

We enjoy Jerry Pallotta's books also!