Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Photo Journal of our Trip to the Beach

Sophie had been looking forward to our trip to the Beach today. We don't go as often as she would like. Our little park day group planned a trip to one of the beaches in Santa Cruz. While we were there today I thought "This is a lot of fun. Why don't we do this more often?"
Sophie couldn't wait to jump right into the waves.

Henry wasn't so sure about going into the water

He really didn't like the water.

He held onto my leg for dear life or I had to hold him if I was out in the water watching Sophie and Ian.

One of our friends found a bunch of sand crabs. Sophie was more then happy to hold them and show them to everyone.

The boys spent most of the day digging in the sand

Ian and I built some sand castles. He loved sticking seaweed into the tops to make birthday cakes.

Henry just loved filling buckets.

We brought our kite to fly too. The kids all took turns holding the string. They only let go once and we had to chase after the string to rescue our kite.

Henry loved being in charge of holding the kite.

Sophie had a great day playing in the water and gathering kelp that washed up in the waves.

As we walked back to the car I was reminded of why we don't do this more often. All three kids were crying and screaming because there was sand in their shoes or that the small little bag I had them carry was too heavy. That was a REALLY long walk back to our car. I ended up carrying all the bags and one of the kids and listen to the others cry and cry the whole way. NOT FUN. Now I have the washer going cleaning all the towels and clothes and such that we took with us. We all need to apply a little aloe lotion to our slightly red faces and arms. Overall it was a great, fun trip. Just not something I plan to do again tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

Loved the pictures. Especially the one with Sophie and the lighthouse behind her. The pictures made me laugh and made me miss the beach!!