Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Park Day - MUD

Wednesday is the day we go to the park with friends. We rotate around to different parks in the area. My kids love it! Today's park was one of Sophie's favorites. This was the park Sophie always asks to go to.

I am always amazed at those kids who are always spotlessly clean after playing at the park. There is a boy in our group who will play in the sand and even the water but never get dirty. I don't know how he does it. When we go to the park my kids end up so dirty and wet that they often end up going home naked because I have to strip them before they get into the car.

Today was no different. After being at the park maybe 5 min Henry headed over to the sand area where the water faucet was stuck on so there was plenty of puddles in the sand. First thing he did was jump into the center of largest one, shoes, socks and all. He obviously didn't get wet enough because he started doing belly flops into the puddles. I just watched him and thought of all the sand that would be in my car and down my shower drain, of all the laundry I would be doing later, and the screaming I would have to endure to wash all that sand out of his hair.

The other two didn't wait long before joining Henry is his jollity. They too found great pleasure in getting as dirty as they could. I used to fight this kind of play and try to keep them from the sand areas of any park. I gave up and just let them play now. I have spare towels in the car and extra water bottles in the car to wash a little. I get a lot less frustrated when I just let them have their fun. They really aren't doing anything wrong as long as they don't start throwing the wet sand.

It is good for kids to get down into the dirt and play, right? My kids sure do love it!

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