Monday, June 27, 2016

Cub Camp Week

I forgot to post pictures of the week of Cub Camp.  Lovely yellow shirts this year. We all match!

This was Henry's last year of Cub Camp. We all went  Cub camp, I went to teach one of the classes, 

Sophie and Ian went as Youth leaders and Molly got to play in the Tot Lot.  She loves getting to pack a lunch and do crafts and play games and watch movies with friends the whole time. She couldn't wait or Cub Camp to start!
Camp was only Wednesday through Friday and only from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 P.m. each of those days so we still had lots of time to get into trouble. Like......

Molly decided to give herself a hair cut. Why is it always right in the front?! She also took a few chunks from the back so she ended up with a nice bob at the end.

The class I was assigned to teach at cub camp was Box Oven Cooking. I had never done it before so I spent a few days trying it out in the backyard before having to do it at camp.
 I watched a few youtube videos about how to make a box oven and then how to use it. I tried it out several times during the week leading up to camp so I could perfect the process.
 I had to learn out to get charcoal briquettes burning and ready as well as how many to use in the oven to get the temperature correct. There were different numbers thrown out from different sources online so I knew I would need to test it out.
Often the bottoms of the pigs in a blanket were burned and the top was doughy. After a few tries I figured out 9 briquettes is the right amount and then I also raised the grill a bit higher so my pan would be slightly farther away from the heat source. That did the trick and we had no problems all week as I made batch after batch of pigs in a blanket with all 12 groups of boys that came through my class over the three days of camp. 
When you have hot coals so often during the week we also ate a whole lot of smores! Perfect everytime!

 We passed the mornings doing science kits like this one about rockets. Most of the experiments were ones we had already done but they had a great time doing them all again.
 Peezy found a new favorite snoozing spot.

Lots of fun!

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