Monday, June 27, 2016

Binge Watching While Ian was at Scout Camp

Ian went up to the Sierras for a week of Scout camp. He had a great time. He earned 10 merit badges including Motor Boating, Swimming, Space Exploration, Geocaching, Art, Painting, Indian Lore, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, and Wood Carving.

 He has been filling us in on all the antics of camp. He has been teaching us songs (who knew the scouts sang more silly songs than the girls at girls camp!) telling us about the scary midnight hike, and how he earned his Polar Bear plunge patch.
 His friend got a bit scraped up during the swimming merit badge class. Evidently the wall won!
Here is our happy Ian with the mail we sent him.

So what did the rest of us do while Ian was away? 

We had a whole lot of screen time!
Molly was sick for the first two days Ian was gone so we were kinda trapped at home. She wanted to just lay on the couch and watch T.V. so I introduced the kids to the Animaniacs.

They loved it and watched episode after episode. We now know the theme song all too well. 

We also borrowed about 6 seasons of Doctor Who from the library. Netflix no longer has the doctor on their instant watch so I checked to see what they had on DVD.  We have been able to pick and choose what episodes we wanted to watch. Of course I watched "Blink" which is where the weeping angels were introduced. It is my all time favorite episode.

We are still waiting to get the latest season, season 9, of Dr. Who  from Netflix. We haven't even seen that season yet.  Hopefully soon!

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Camie Madsen said...

We are Doctor Who fans, too!