Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Swimming at Grandma's House

Did I mention that the last few weeks have been hot! We got out of the valley and headed to the hills to get in a swim at Grandma's pool. 
 It may be only 10:00 in the morning but we are already in the pool.

 Henry attempting a back flip or dive. I don't think he actually did it. He would stand there and try to get up the courage to do it but going backward is a totally different experience than going forward.
 Ian tried to dive but mostly ended up doing belly flops. Ouch!
 My years spent diving off this very board have helped me perfect my dives.

 Molly even took a few jumps off the board.  She is swimming so well now.

 There was lots of jumping on the board.
 Henry can do a front flip.

 I can still do a back dive!
 We spent hours in the pool that day. A few in the morning and then a few more that afternoon before we needed to head back home.
Sophia took most of the pictures so wasn't in many but she was out swimming with the rest of us. She isn't nearly as excited about jumping off the board as the others. 

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