Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer days!

Sophia is at Girls Camp this week. So of course the other kids feel like they should be able to just watch movies and play video games all day. 

 I decided we needed to get outside so each morning this week we have either taken a bike ride or a walk and played at the park before it gets hot.

 Yes those are jackets and long sleeves on my kids. This particular morning the wind was really blowing so it was rather chilly but before long those jackets came off.
 We took a bike ride one morning from park to park in our little city.  At each stop we spent a good amount of time relaxing and playing games on the climbing structures.  Or just enjoying some of the natural things found there. The kids loved riding their bikes down this hill at one park.

 Here they found a spot to sit down near the ravine. I don't think there has been water in it for years.

My kids all said it was a good day! It certainly made them less fractious. Being outside as much as we can is the way to avoid yelling a fighting. Way too much of that going on when there is "nothing to do". 

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Camie Madsen said...

Oh how I wish it wasn't so hot here in Arizona so that we could get outside more! It's just way too hot most of the day to do anything other than swimming for a bit and when we do swim we have to wear sunglasses.