Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sophie's pictures from Girls Camp.

Sophie came back from Girls camp a few days ago and had such a great time. Here are the pictures she took. It is interesting to see what decided to snap photos of while there.

The theme was "Which Road will you Travel?" and had a lot to do with making choices. Lots of Maps and travel references. Each group was a different country.

 They went to a different camp than they have been going to in years past. But this is one I went to as a young girl so I was anxious to see the pictures to see if it was what I remembered.  Sophie didn't acutally take a whole lot of pictures of the camp buildings and such so it was hard to see if any of these sparked memories.
 She did get to hang out with her good friend. She isn't in our ward so Sophie doesn't get to see her all that often but they became great friends this year at seminary and couldn't wait to spend a whole week together at camp.

 Here is a girl in our ward who go a bullseye at the archery range.
 There was ax throwing. Sophie said these weren't hers. She couldn't throw them hard enough to get them to stick into the wood.
 Skits are a must at camp!
 Sophie was a 4th year so she went on another overnight hike. Here is the group ready to head out.
 I guess the snow hasn't all melted yet!

 Don't get your feet wet!
 Beautiful blue skies!
 Snow flowers?
 A frog Sophie found along the trail.

 Sophie took lots of pictures of the wildflowers.

 I guess they found some snow and some of the girls even made snow cones.

 They set up camp near a lake.

 A marmot was spotted.

 Some nature art.

 Here is the Oakland Temple.

 I guess camp dinner wasn't too bad! or else she was just really hungry.

 Ready to head back to camp.

 A few of the girls from our ward wearing this year's ward sweat shirt.
 The girls got to go swimming and canoeing out on a lake this year. One of the benefits of the change of location.
 They eat well at camp. The cooks get creative.

Leaders always do such a great job! Sophie had a wonderful time and can't wait until next year.
We only did 4 years of girls camp back when I was in YW. Now they go for 6 years, so she only has two more years of camp.

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