Tuesday, July 5, 2016

City Slickers!

 My kids were excited to see that Grandpa was "horse sitting" the neighbor's horses. They come and eat the grass growing in my parent's pasture and get some attention from the kids.

 They decided they wanted to ride the horses so Grandpa got some halters and took them on a spin around the stall.

 The kids seemed to think this was pretty fun. They liked the brown horse better than the paint.

 When I was little we used to have two and for a time three horses. We would ride just about everyday. We rode all over the 5 acres of my parent's land but also all over the neighborhood and even up into the hills surrounding us. Other kids in the neighborhood had horses and we would all ride together sometimes.
 Ian didn't really like riding. I think he would like it better with a saddle. With nothing to hold on to he didn't really feel very secure.

 Sophie was a natural and would have loved to have stayed on a whole lot longer and take a real ride.

 Molly loved it too!

 A very short riding experience. One day maybe we could take a real ride.

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