Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The State Capital Tour

We still working on getting requirements done on Boy Scout Merit Badges that Ian has either started or is signed up to do at Scout Camp in a few weeks. So Memorial day seemed a fitting day to do another outing as a family that also completes another requirement.  
We headed to Sacramento to visit the State Capital and take a tour of the Capital building.
Here is a big Grizzly Bear standing outside the Governor's office. All along the hall way on the floor there were displays about each of the counties in California. We took some time to look through many of these before heading into the tour. 

 I handed the camera to Sophia for the tour and she took pictures of things she found interesting.  The sea horses on this lamp caught her eye.
There are a lot of grizzly bears used in the details of the woodwork on the stairs. 
Here are the doors to the floor of the Senate. We weren't allowed in there for some reason.

 But we were able to go into the gallery of the Assembly room. Each desk has a computer on it.
 There were several beautiful stained glass windows of the California State Seal.

The Rotunda was impressive
Sophie again took pictures of the details on the wall. 

This is the statue on the floor under the rotunda. It is an Italian marble carved figure of queen Isabella of Spain and Christopher Columbus.

The walls of the upper floor are covered with portraits painted of our State's governors.

 Here are two of our more famous governors.

 The mounted police outside let us pet their horses before we left.

 It was a great tour. These outings may fulfill requirements but they give us a great excuse to visit some of the places we should visit and have planned to visit but just hadn't gotten around to fitting in.

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