Monday, April 1, 2013

What our Easter Sounded Like

The past few weeks we have been reading the Gospel of Matthew for our Scripture time. We thought we should prepare for Easter by reading about the life of the Savior and what better place to read that then from the Bible. We decided to not just read the last week but to start at the beginning and read the entire book of Matthew. We haven't finished yet but will continue until we do and maybe even move onto Mark, Luke and John. Or, we may return to the Doctrine & Covenants which is where we had been reading.

I have listened to Rob Gardner's Lamb of God a few time over the last few weeks. Having it on my ipod makes it very accessible. I played it for the family Sunday afternoon. It is a very powerful retelling of the last week of the Savior's life. 

The kids enjoy listening to this Veggie Tales Easter album. Most of the songs are alright. There are a few that really have little to do with Easter. There is even one rap song that none of us really like, so we just skip it.  It isn't the greatest album but it is fun and I love hearing Molly sing along with I Know that my Redeemer Liveth or Christ the Lord is Risen Today. I have even caught Henry singing along too!

Sunday Morning we watched all Three episodes of Music and the Spoken Word that they showed on BYUtv. I love it when they have back to back episodes for the different holidays. They show this years followed by past years shows. It was nice to prepare for church while listening the different Easter themed songs.

I am so glad our Ward Music director plans great programs for holidays full of music. The Ward Choir sand three songs, the Primary sang, the congregation sang, and there were two soloists as well as two short speakers.  Even one of the speakers referred to the song How Great Thou Art and how that particular song resonated with her about the life and sacrifice of Christ. It was a really great Easter program for this Holy Holiday.

So we had a music filled Easter.  I love how music can enhance so much of our worship!

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