Friday, April 5, 2013

March's Report

So I am sitting here typing up my report to turn into the Charter School for March. I figured I might as well put it here too since monthly reports are more likely to happen than weekly.

Math - Sophie has been working through Teaching Textbooks 6 and even though we aren't finished with the whole program we are shelving it. We are trying something else. We are going to finish off this year with some Math Mammoth. I picked a few topics to work through. I think in the fall we are going to be switching to Saxon for Sophie.

Ian finished Singapore 4B and I just have him working through the extra practice book for 4A for the rest of this year and most likely through the Summer. He too will be switching to Saxon in the Fall.

Henry has been working through Math Mammoth Multiplication the last few weeks to review those times tables. He started Singapore 3A but was getting hung up on those times tables. He will be going back to Singpore in a few days when he has finished his Math Mammoth review.

Language Arts - Stories have been all the rage around here. One day I decided to just give them 5 random words and they had to come up with a story using those words. Now Henry has written about 10 different stories using characters that he created during that initial assignment. The others have been writing stories as well but they have other assignments that keep them busy.

Ian's Geography class has been having him research and write a report on a topic each week. He has written about the city of Athens, Japan, the Baltic Sea, and Yosemite's Half Dome.

Sophie has been writing a lot for her Literature class. She has been reading and learning about biographies. She had to read a biography and write a report on the person she read about. She also had to prepare and conduct an interview and then write a biography on that person she interviewed. She interviewed her Grandparents and then wrote a report on her Grandma.

Science - We are very loosely following Elemenal Science Earth Science and Astronomy.
We finished our Rocks study and are now moving into Climate and Biomes. We have read a lot of books and watched a lot of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Schlessinger Science Library videos and of course some Magic School bus movies. 

History - We haven't done much more than listen to the Story of the World CD's and read a few go alongs. I can't say I have done much to make History fun and exciting this year. 

They have piano lessons and practice, Co-op Choir, Ian has cub scouts and Henry has Gymnastics. 

Audio Books - Tuck Everlasting
The Great Brain
The Alchemyst: The secrets of Nicolas Flamel
Currently listening to The Magician (2nd book in the Nicolas Flamel series)

Read Alouds – Fablehaven 3
                        Spiderwick series (all 5 books)
                        The Seven Tales of Trinket

So that is about all the academics we have done. I know we aren't doing all the subjects I would like us to cover but I don't know how to fit anymore in.   

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